Herdwick Experience

The Herdwick Experience offers a unique and unforgettable visit!

Herdwick Shee with Glasses

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For Herdwick Experience queries, booking & vouchers and artwork queries and sales, please be aware responses will not be immediate at the moment as we have been a little overwhelmed with interest after the Countryfile show. We will get back to you as quickly as we are able to. Please note if you leave a telephone number we can respond back to you more quickly than replying by email’

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Herdwick Experience

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Welcome to Yew Tree’s Herdwick Experience!


Summer availability for Open bookings – (Beginning of May to end of September):
Saturdays*, Sundays Wednesdays and Thursdays *No Saturday availability due to weddings from May 28th to August 27th 2022. 
Winter availability for Open bookings – (Beginning of October to end of April):
Saturdays and Wednesdays
Private Bookings – Any day of choice subject to availability.

“The Herdwick experience was more than could have hoped for! Jo was very knowledgeable in her introduction about Herdwicks and the farming processes and the uniqueness of the Herdwick breed and their environment.  Jo was very warm and friendly and our visit was completely at our pace and very relaxed.  The very best part was meeting the various groups of Herdwicks and sitting in a couple of fields of Herdies and having them come and say hello and even come for cuddles! It was just perfect, the sheep were so tame and all 4 of us loved it! Herdwicks look like they are smiling and we felt they were relaxed and smiling with us! We would be back tomorrow if we could! Amazing therapy to sit in a beautiful location with a sheep nearly on your lap! Thank you so very much. “

Yew Tree Farm’s Herdwick Experience is unsurprisingly very popular! As the Farm offers the chance to privately tour this famous, iconic property and to learn about Herdwick sheep and fell farming in the Lake District. As well as providing the unique opportunity to meet and bond with the Farm’s very friendly ‘Ambassador’ sheep flock, who willingly provide guests lots of photographic opportunities.

The Herdwick Experience offers a unique and unforgettable visit!

What Does a Herdwick Experience Involve?

It starts with a focus on Herdwick sheep as a breed, and why we farm them here at Yew Tree Farm. We explain their cultural significance in relation to the Lake District, including their connection to Beatrix Potter , how their wool is utilsed, why the lambs are born a different colour to their parents and lots more Herdwick related facts!

The second half of the tour involves walk around Yew Tree Farm’s home fields, examining the farm’s significance, heritage, architectural features, animals, wildlife and the beautiful landscape that surrounds it.

The final part of the tour involves a visit to our super friendly ‘Yew Tree Farm Ambassador Herdwick Flock’.

Unlike most of our 800 plus Herdwick sheep, these individuals enjoy and actively seek out people’s company, which is why they live in their own, private little field. Providing the perfect opportunity for photographers to capture these enigmatic animals for posterity – in fact it can be a problem as the sheep just want to get up close and personal and you just can’t fit them in the frame!

Herdwick Shee with Glasses
Herdwick Shee with Glasses



Hand sanitiser will be provided for your use on arrival, however we advise you also bring a personal supply to use throughout your visit.

Bookings up until 16th May will be for a maximum of 5

Bookings from 17th May will be for a maximum of 6

In order to accommodate cancelled bookings, and high demand from people home holidaying this year, we have had to simplify our booking capacity and pricing structure.

Sessions remain exclusive to 6 people but will no longer be private. Private sessions will be available, email Jo info@yewtree-farm.com to arrange.

Whilst there remains uncertainty that anything will go to plan this year, we’ll continue to offer the option to rebook, or to receive a refund if Covid disrupts your plans.

Yew Tree's Herdwick Experience
Our Herdwick Experience is very popular! Whether it's the chance to exclusively tour this famous, iconic farm and learn about Herdwick sheep and fell farming in the Lake District, the opportunity to meet and bond with our very friendly 'Ambassador' sheep flock, or the prospect of photographing Herdwick sheep that aren't running away from you!
The Herdwick Experience offers a unique and unforgettable visit.

Here’s what people have said about their visit:

We had a fantastic morning with Jo enjoying 'The Herdwick Experience'. Jo was very knowledgeable and was so welcoming, would recommend to anyone!
Ashleigh Moore

The Herdwick Experience is fantastic. Jo is so knowledgeable, and it's amazing getting so close to the sheep. They are real characters! It's a great present for someone who loves animals and the Lake District.
Tracy Dearnley

Visited Yew Tree Farm for the Herdwick experience today. Loved it. If you like Herdies it’s a must-do! Thank you Jo for a great visit.
Rosalind Goodman


It starts with a focus on Herdwick sheep as a breed, and why we farm them here at Yew Tree. We explain their cultural significance to the Lake District, including the Beatrix Potter connection, what happens to their wool, why are they born a different colour to their parents....all sorts of stuff!

The second half is a walk around the farm’s home fields, looking at it's features, animals, wildlife and beautiful landscape. This is when we also visit the super friendly ‘Yew Tree Ambassador Herdwick Flock’ Unlike most of our 800 plus sheep, these individuals enjoy and actively seek peoples company and so they live in their own, private little field. This is a perfect opportunity for any photographers, in fact it can be a problem that the sheep are too close to fit into frame!

Depending on the time of year you may get to meet lambs and tups (rams) on the walk round.

In addition, you'll receive discount vouchers for:
• Heritage Meats, our on-farm butchery
• Herdwicks Cafe where you can sample our delicious, chef-cooked Herdwick Hogget
• Jo McGrath Fine Art prints, cards, and gifts


All sessions are unique, though most last between and 1 to 2 hrs. Some private sessions may be up to 3 hrs, especially if the weather is on-side!


* £45 Per Person
* £150 Family/Group booking ( 4 people, minimum one adult)
* £270 Private Session (1 - 8 people. Must include at least 1 adult)


Anyone who is interested in Herdwick sheep and The lake District!
You can book onto a general session or arrange for a private session

General Sessions
* Children are welcome, 10 yrs old and over is the most suitable age.
* Children under 16 yrs must be accompanied by an adult.

Private sessions
* Special Occasions - Very popular for birthdays, anniversaries and Honeymooners
* Homeschoolers and families with younger children - Specifically child focused. Can be themed to particular topics
* Corporate - Truly unique Lake District Experience offering for special clients or great staff treat
* Photographers and Artists - Obligingly photographic Herdwicks positioned in private, stunning Lake District locations …. bring a camera or sketchbook and indulge in the inspiration around you!


General Sessions
Wednesday and Sundays - All year round
10:30 am
14:30 pm
maximum of 6 people

Private sessions
1 -8 people
email Jo info@yewtree-farm.com to arrange.

All sessions limited to a maximum of 5 people before 17th May 2021. This date is subject to ongoing changes in COVID restrictions


We begin lambing on the 12th April this year, the lambing season usually last 6 weeks. Our Herdwick Experience sheep will need a few weeks to bond with their lambs before the lambs can be handled by people their mums don’t know. So by the end of April there will definitely be lambs to see on the farm. And by mid-May you should be able to cuddle some of them!


Our sheep are familiar with our own dogs but can become very scared by dogs they don't know. Even very friendly ones! We love dogs, but it's best not to bring them with you on the Herdwick Experience itself, please.
Herdwicks Cafe is 110% dog friendly and will make you and your pooch very welcome!


* The session is entirely outdoors on the farm, so casual clothing, waterproofs and boots are strongly recommended - you will be sitting down on grass at some point!
* There is plenty of parking available at Yew Tree Farm for Herdwick Experience visitors.
* Please be aware there are slippery and steep surfaces.

General Herdwick Experience sessions takes place 100% outdoors. The first part takes place on level hardstanding and is fully accessible. We have ample parking space and accessible toilet and hand washing facilities at the farm.

However, the second part takes place on hilly, rocky, often muddy areas and unfortunately is unsuitable for non specially adapted wheelchairs or for people with limited mobility.

A private booking will allow us to deliver the full Herdwick Experience whilst accommodating your individual requirements.


Herdwicks Cafe and Bistro in Coniston village
Herdwicks serve delicious, chef cooked dishes using our own Yew Tree Herdwick Hogget and Belted Galloway Beef and exciting vegetarian dishes, plus hot and cold drinks, wines and beers, homemade cakes, snacks.
* Located 2 miles away in Coniston village, drive there in a matter of minutes, or walk/cycle off-road, the entire way via a wonderful, surfaced bridlepath going around the farm, over streams and rivers and through peaceful broadleaved woodland straight into the village.
* Fully accessible and has a designated parking area outside.
* 100% dog friendly
NB There are no refreshments available at Yew Tree Farm itself


General sessions run regardless of the weather, within reason, so assume your session is going ahead and dress accordingly.

Occasionally weather does force us to cancel, this decision is made on the day, our weather is very localised and general area forecasts cannot always be relied on.


(excluding COVID)
Within 7 days of your booking you can change your booking or cancel and receive a full refund. You will receive your refund within 30 days
Within 24 hours of your booking you can change your booking or cancel and receive a 50% refund. You will receive your refund within 30 days
On the day you can change your booking or cancel. If you cancel you will not receive a refund.